The 5 Money-Smart Steps of a Home Staging Consultation

Getting a home staging consultation is probably one of the best kept secrets in the real estate market. Instead of wasting money on updates you hope buyers will like, imagine having an experienced professional essentially hand you a cheat sheet to success. Sounds easier, right? Not to mention better for your ROI! This is exactly […]

The Power of Color in Your Home

How Color Can Change the Way You Feel If white-on-white kitchens make you feel like taking a deep breath of air or if you’ve felt the serenity of light blues and grays, you’ve experienced the overwhelming power that color has on your emotional and physiological states. In fact, it isn’t merely the color itself that our […]

How to Get Profit-Driven Real Estate Design for Your Next Flip

You might think a great floor plan, location, or square-footage will sell a property, but trust me, important as that might be, great real estate design is what sells homes. Buyers care what the home looks like, and if it doesn’t meet their criteria, they won’t be headed to the closing table any time soon.  […]

Does your home for sale have outdated kitchen cabinets?

Does your home for sale have outdated kitchen cabinets? 3 Ways to Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets for Resale     Kitchen Renovation and Staging Project | Before & After Instantly Improve the Perceived Value Instantly Improve the Perceived Value Does your home for sale have cringy or outdated kitchen cabinets? If they don’t show significant wear, […]

Why High End Homes are Giving Up Hardwood

Luxury Vinyl Planks 101 Hardwood has long since been a hallmark in high end, quality homes. Its rich, earthy texture and natural beauty have made it a no-brainer, resulting in refinishing vs. replacing whenever possible to avoid the high cost of replacement. However, hardwood has caused no small amount of anxiety to homeowners with children […]

3.1 Reasons why we charge rental fees for staging homes using our props and inventory

I have seen this trend recently where some stagers are advertising and claiming that they will stage your home – and because they own their own inventory – they will not charge you any rental fees. As a professional home stager myself and as someone who is dedicated to running a successful staging and design […]

Color With Confidence

In my quest to gaining more professional expertise better serve my clients, I attended the Specify Color with Confidence course taught by Maria Killam. Click play on this video to hear my thoughts about the course.   If you want to know more about color, check out Maria’s Blog Hope you enjoy it as […]

Home Selling – A Two Step Process

The smart and savvy Real Estate sellers realize that putting their home on the market is a two-step process. First Step Preparation – It includes things like, painting, changing or cleaning carpets, updating hardware and light fixtures, attending to the curb appeal of the home etc. Next Step Presentation – Otherwise known as Styling and […]

Vacant Home Staging in Dallas – Does it make sense?

As some of you who follow my posts Know, I keep track of all the vacant homes that hit the market in the East Dallas, Oaklawn/Uptown and N. Dallas MLS areas. Today for example I looked at all the vacant homes that listed in the month of November – 17 of them – in East […]


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