Before & After: Creating a Timeless Family-Friendly Home

December 6, 2021

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a Before and After. The transformation I have for you today is one to remember! Livable luxury, timeless furnishings, and elegant light fixtures work together to bring the feeling of home into this beautiful, family friendly space. 

Our clients had previously been working with another designer. Unfortunately, they were left with some unmet expectations. Thankfully they reached out to us, hoping to finally get their desired results, and spoiler alert: we delivered!

Keep reading to see how we were able to pick up the pieces. Together, we created a beautiful family-friendly home just in time for these clients to begin an exciting next chapter of life. But first...

Meet Our Clients

As young professionals and soon-to-be first-time parents, our clients wanted to walk in from a long day at work and feel the comfort and ease of being home. They wanted a space that would effortlessly infuse happiness and comfort into their daily lives. Something they will be especially grateful for once the baby arrives!

Project Scope

Since our clients were left disappointed after working with their previous designer, our first step was to propose a thoughtful plan. We needed to correct the fixed elements they didn’t like, along with sharing some ideas for updates that would create a welcoming and luxurious feel in their home.

Being particularly conscious that our clients had already spent money with the other designer, we had the unique challenge of giving them the home of their dreams while building on what had already been done. Easy? Nope. Did we succeed? You know we did! Come and see for yourself…

Before & After: Family Friendly Entryway

Designs-by-Keti-Dallas-Home-Design-Staging-Renovating-Timeless-Entry-Way-Family-Friendly-Before-And-After family friendly

Nothing says welcome home better than walking into a beautiful, bright entryway. Whether it’s returning from a long day at the office, hosting a gathering, or bringing their new baby home for the very first time, the entryway of this home sets the tone for the space. How did we do it?


Combining a light-colored runner and more modern light fixtures in warm brass instantly added some much-needed softness to the space. As a result, the elements flawlessly carry out a welcoming and luxurious approach that perfectly matches the home’s architectural details.

Designs-by-Keti-Dallas-Home-Design-Staging-Renovating-Timeless-Stair-Treds-Family-Friendly-Before-And-After family friendly

On the stairs, we used a simple design trick that created a significant transformation: painting the stair risers the same color as the trim! This is the perfect way to replace dark and dim design with a bright, beautiful, and timeless touch.

Before & After: Beautiful Living Room


In the original living room (left), our clients had a dark gray sectional that was a bit too masculine for the space. The sofa took up most of the space and was a focal point. So, it was essential to select something neutral to blend in with the surroundings, while adding brightness and comfort.

In the updated space (right), we worked in the rug and the sofa the previous designer had selected. Although not my first choice, it saved our client money on a new sofa and area rug. We swapped the two off-scale, wrong style, and wrong color accent chairs with a new accent chair. This new chair perfectly fits the aesthetic of the home while simultaneously providing extra comfort. In addition, we added a modern-yet-simple light fixture which gives the room the perfect finishing touch!

Designs-by-Keti-Dallas-Home-Design-Staging-Renovating-Timeless-Living-room-chandelier-Family-Friendly-Before-And-After family friendly

Here’s another view of the living space. Isn’t it incredible the difference a new light fixture can make?!

Before & After: Modern Kitchen


I am glad my clients were willing to listen to me and move away from the feeling of a cold, sterile kitchen. We added a pop of color, of course! With the addition of the pendant lights, painted blue island, and upholstered bar stools, the kitchen now feels modern and comfortable. Much better!

Designs-by-Keti-Dallas-Home-Design-Staging-Renovating-Timeless-Breakfast-Nook-Family-Friendly-Before-And-After family friendly

Originally, our clients (with the help of the other designer) had selected a dining table that was much too small for the area in the breakfast nook. This is a very easy mistake to make and one that is easily fixed! We swapped it out for a round pedestal table. This fits almost as if it was designed specifically for their space. The luxurious velvet chairs will be a comfortable landing spot for those early mornings sipping coffee.

We can’t forget about the light fixtures! The addition of shaded pendant lights over the island and an on-trend, modern pendant over the breakfast nook instantly transformed this space for the better.

Before & After: Inviting Dining Room


The primary function of a dining room is to host gatherings, right? Unfortunately, the original round table selected by the first designer (left) was too small and not a practical choice for the space. All that was in this room before was a square custom rug and a round table that could seat six people at the most. I’m so glad our clients agreed to return this table and choose something larger!

Now, this long table and these beautiful chairs look destined for memorable events. In addition, the table is expandable and can fit at least two more seats, if needed. Finally, by bringing in a sideboard, we could better utilize the space by creating a perfect solution for additional storage. The room is now functional and creates a warm and inviting feeling as you walk through the home’s front door.

Designs-by-Keti-Dallas-Home-Design-Staging-Renovating-Timeless-dining-room-chandelier-Family-Friendly-Before-And-After family friendly

While the original lighting was acceptable, it was not my first choice. Plus, it didn’t match the feel our clients were looking for. This new chandelier’s modern combination of glass and brass conveys luxurious elegance without making the space feel stuffy.

We also added beautiful art, warm wood tones, and plants for texture. Now, this space has transformed into a new and improved dining area that is perfect for hosting.


Ta-da! This is now a classic, beautiful, and timeless home with all the must-have features for comfort, luxury, and ease… just in time for their new addition. Our clients absolutely LOVE how everything turned out. It makes me so happy to know that they finally have the home they were hoping for. What a difference a well-designed space makes!

Feeling inspired by this transformation? Considering renovating or furnishing your own home? I would love to help. Download my Renovation Guide below, or reach out to me here to see how we can work together to create something extraordinary. 

— Keti

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