New Habits, Big Goals & Design Services We Offer in 2022

January 3, 2022

As we move forward into a new year, I always love to look back at the previous 12 months. Personal development is important to me, and I like to review successes, learn from challenges, and celebrate how much growth has transpired. (With a glass of Malbec, of course.) Do you do the same? I think looking backward is a great tool for future goal setting, in life and in regards to design services. You have to know where you’ve been to know where you want to go.

Today I’m sharing some personal reflections from the past year, plans for moving Design By KETI forward, and how we can support you as you chase your home own goals in 2022. Let’s get started…

Looking Back: Developing Habits that Promote Happiness & Creativity

This past year, I reintroduced into my daily doings some habits I had “forgotten” due to the pandemic and the lockdowns in 2020. Now, these have positively impacted my productivity and attitude. What did I change?

I made it a non-negotiable to protect my time and energy by cutting out things that felt draining. I have eliminated Facebook from my life, and I no longer watch news on TV like I did in 2020. Since 2012, I hardly watched any TV to begin with, but 2020 was definitely an off year.. But this past year I got back to the basics so to speak and I have definitely felt better.

The little TV that I do watch these days feels more entertaining, inspiring and educational to me. Recently, I’ve developed a love for Turkish television dramas, called Turkish Dizi. They are a whole better version of a telenovela in the sense that stories unfold, not in sets, but in actual homes and neighbourhoods and cities, so you get a very good sense of the town in question of the culture surrounding it. Plus, did you know it’s possible to train your ear and brain to learn a new language just by watching TV? It is, and when my goal of traveling to beautiful Istanbul finally happens (more on this later), I’ll be well prepared. 😉

By eliminating some things and adding others in small doses, I’ve also been able to carve out time to connect with people. My family and friends. Builders and my tradesmen, without whom I would be able to do very little for my clients, as they are the ones who bring my vision to fruition each and every time... Clients that I love working with. And guess what? I’ve found myself to be happier and much more focused on creativity. It feels great.

Design-By-Keti-Interior-Design-Dallas-Texas-Liveable-Timeless-Living-Room-Fresh-Modern design services

From a professional standpoint, Design By KETI saw so much growth last year! Covid growth was definitely real for us. Our projects ranged from minor improvements and refreshes all the way to complete kitchen and bathroom renovations. Our team has been busier than ever. 

On the other hand, the design and construction industry has taken a massive hit from the ongoing supply chain issues. Like most designers, we’ve had clients waiting for months on end for furniture to arrive, and several new build clients have had to put their projects on hold. Unfortunately, this issue probably won’t be resolved anytime soon, but at least we can help our clients work through these uncontrollable delays.


Going Forward: Goals for the New Year

As we move forward into a new year, I’m dreaming of what’s to come, both personally and professionally. Along with the goal of doubling our revenue, I have big dreams for a beautiful family vacation to, you guessed it…Turkey! Gorgeous landscapes, beautiful people, breathtaking scenery, and the best part? I’ll already have a headstart on the language. 😉

If exciting travel plans are on your list for this year, here is something I’ve learned from experience. The best way to travel to a new country is by having a local show you around. We did this years ago in Italy, and we plan to do the same for this trip. Doing this helps you create a super memorable experience. I’m looking forward to seeing Istanbul with my parents outside of the typical tourist lens.

Design-By-Keti-Interior-Design-Dallas-Texas-Liveable-Timeless-Living-Room-Wood-Staircase design services

3 Ways We Can Support Your Home Goals this Year

As the years continue, my mission stays the same. We’re here to partner with you and provide excellence and integrity as you renovate or refresh your home. With our expertise in design, real estate, and combined with trust and kindness, we promise always to be good stewards of your resources. Here are some of the ways we can serve you:

1. New Build Design

Whether it’s turning your builder-grade home into a stunning and sophisticated custom space, or coming up with a plan to design your dream home from scratch, we’d be delighted to help. Reach out as soon as possible to make sure all of your design goals are planned for before the walls go up! (P.S. Be sure to stay tuned for more custom home designs coming this year.)

2. Design for Renovations

Is your kitchen beginning to feel dysfunctional? Are you starting to realize your home has so much unmet potential? There is a better way. We’re experts in this area, and you can trust us to deeply understand your needs and lifestyle to revive your home and create a liveable and functional space. Here’s how our process works.

Design-By-Keti-Interior-Design-Dallas-Texas-Liveable-Timeless-Living-Room-Home-Office design services

3. Home Decorating

Perhaps the bones of your home are solid, but the furnishings are tired and dated. Or, you’ve got some wack-a-doodle design choices leftover from the last owner. We’ve assisted and amazed countless homeowners by simply selecting new furnishings to fit their home and lifestyle perfectly. It’s like they’re living in a brand new home…no renovation needed!

Not sure which is right for you? Ready to get started? Reach out to me here, and we’ll create a plan for a functional, practical, and liveable luxurious space designed just for you

– Keti

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