Before & After: What is the ROI of Renovating & Staging?

October 19, 2020

Today I want to share a project we recently completed with excellent results — a design and home staging ROI of 150%. Yes, I know I've spoiled the grand finale of this transformation, but knowing the final result makes it all the more worth seeing...

Project: Reviving a Dead Listing in Dallas

Our clients were out-of-towners who had been trying to sell this house in Dallas with no luck. They were tired and frustrated but mostly eager to sell the property and move on with their lives. 

Here's what the property looked like before…

dallas home before renovations property listing real estate market home staging ROI
The orange door did absolutely nothing the amp up curb appeal.
dallas home before renovations property listing real estate market interior 70s home dated dark home staging ROI
We found dark and dated wallpaper throughout the entire home, from the living spaces to the bedrooms.
dallas 70s home before renovations property listing real estate market bedroom wallpaper home staging ROI
Speaking of scary wallpaper...
dallas 70s home before renovations property listing orange wood white painted stone fireplace home staging ROI
Architectural details with very specific style and taste.
dallas 70s home before renovations property listing dated staircase kitchen
This house was built in the 70s and the stain on the wood reflected it. It may be difficult to see it in the photo, but the floor was also damaged (standard wear and tear) in many areas.

Setting the Design & Staging Strategy

Overall, this home was clearly dated and tailored to a very specific taste, but it also had great potential. Architectural details gave it unique character… if we presented it just right.

Identifying the Home's Ideal Buyers

First, we had to determine how we wanted to market this home. During our home staging consultation, we discussed two options for listing the home: as a bargain home or a move-in ready home. Older homes can be more desirable at a lower price point, but we also know a young professional couple with a family has no time for remodeling or reno work. They are more willing to make an offer on a property that is move-in ready.

Additionally, our clients had already tried the bargain route with no luck. They agreed that designing and staging the home as move-in ready was the way to go.

Creating a Design Plan

Once we reached this decision, we quickly got to work. (We know time is money, and we don’t dilly dally!) I put together a design plan for all the make-ready/renovation work that needed to be done. 

I provided the design direction and the project management for the staging, whereas my team of subcontractors and tradesmen did the work (which you’ll see soon). The plan?

1. The house looked dark, frumpy, and not like it belonged in the luxury home category. We knew we needed to address it right from the curb (appeal) with exterior landscaping and price-conscious paint color selections.

2. With all the fixed features making bold statements, we needed to update the decade-defining features, creating a cohesive interior color palette, and bring light and life into the home.

Ready to see how the home turned out?

Investing in Updates that Pay Big ROI

Welcome to a new front step…

design by keti front porch blue door light taupe eaves welcoming home staging roi

Lighter eaves, better landscaping, and a more inviting front step make this home far more joyful and welcoming to a young family. 

We removed the dark wallpaper and opted for a light blue-gray color, picking up from the blue undertones in the kitchen counters that was used throughout the home. The end result was enormous spaciousness, making it so much lighter, brighter and airy… perfect for today’s buyers!

design by keti home staging roi redesign white light blues warm modern lighting fresh fast sale home staging ROI

A mix of cool tones in the staging elements and warm lighting help this space feel balanced.

design by keti home staging roi living room warm luxurious white furniture woods

In the living room, more luxurious furnishings in the right scale keep this space looking elevated, not dated.

design by keti home staging living room brick fireplace wood plank wall warm traditional luxury home staging ROI

This dramatic wall feels like a stunning feature instead of an eyesore, largely thanks to lighter flooring and furnishings, and small touches of warm copper in the decor to help it blend in.

kitchen stone backsplash white new light walnut stained floors renovation and home staging roi dallas

Speaking of the flooring, we stripped the wood floors of the old stain and finished them new with a light walnut stain. We know that this stain is on-trend and will be trending at least for the next 10 to 15 years.

kitchen stone backsplash white new light walnut stained floors renovation and home staging roi dallas

Tip: Painting the stair risers the same color as the trim makes for a more classic and timeless look. It was also a great way to blend the light airy feel we wanted to create with the existing warm tones of the wood.

design by keti home staging roi beautiful master bedroom view tree desk work from home

We didn’t stage all of the bedrooms (though we certainly got rid of the dated wallpaper), but this master bedroom with a view deserved to be staged for a young couple who may be working from home.

home work space dallas home staging roi of 150 simple strategic renovation design by keti home staging ROI

Same with this built-in workspace. As more professionals work from home (and kids “school from home”), spaces like these are essential for selling a home quickly and for profit.

How did this home sell after some strategic design changes and staging?

Well, I know I spoiled the surprise in the beginning, but I’ll say it again. After sitting on the market indefinitely, this house sold in less then two weeks of being put back in the market as a newly renovated home

It listed for $110K more than the old list price. 

And — if that wasn’t enough — my clients told me that their investment on the reno-work and the repairs paid off BIG time. For every dollar they put into the house via the reno work and staging, they were able to get $1.50 back. That’s a 150% return on investment!

Strategic design and home staging work. I can’t wait to show you how it can help YOU sell your property and get on with your life, too.

If you’re ready to enlist our help in a speedy and profitable home sale, let’s talk.

— Keti

We increase the value of real estate through profit driven and timeless design for renovations and new home builds.  Whether you’re renovating your home, flipping a property or want to wisely invest in updates and staging before selling your property your ROI is our business.
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