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We call them the heart of the home for a reason — because our kitchens are where we come to gather and celebrate life. That’s why it’s so important we take note when this space starts to feel dated, non-functional or bland and lifeless. It’s time to work with a kitchen designer specializing in luxury homes, learn more about Keti Abazi.

Whether you’re a builder, a homeowner looking to sell or upgrade your forever home, we have a pulse on the designs and decorations that will deliver the highest return.

As far as Dallas kitchen design, you can expect to invest anywhere from $25k-$50k+ on a luxury design and remodel, including labor and materials. On this upscale level of renovation, the average ROI is about 54 percent.

Even more important than your ROI is the “joy score,” so called because of the enjoyment you receive as a homeowner living in an improved space. On a scale of 1 to 10, the joy score of a kitchen renovation is a solid 10 — meaning you won’t regret that new kitchen redesign!

What exactly goes into designing a luxury kitchen for Dallas homes, you ask? Let’s break it down!

Keti Abazi, Dallas Kitchen Remodeler and Designer

FAQ: When is a Luxury Kitchen Renovation Necessary?

In any market, a “luxury” home is any home that’s valued at twice the price of a median home. In Dallas, since the median home is around $216K (or perhaps a tad higher), then by definition a home that’s valued at $430K and above is a luxury home. If that’s your home, make sure to invest in features that support the price point and what buyers expect from it! That’s how you get great ROI, whether you’re listing now or down the road.

FAQ: Is Kitchen Design in Dallas Unique or Similar to the Coasts?

The kitchen design trends in Dallas are not unique, usually what starts first on the east or west coast takes 3 - 5 years to make its way to the Big D. However, everything is bigger in Texas, including kitchens. DFW homes in general have more square footage, new homes surpassed 3,000 square feet on average in 2019. Many builders devote plenty of space in new homes for kitchens which often include a walk-in pantry, large kitchen islands and barstool eating areas.

For 2022, we are seeing warmer colors, such as mauve and olive, show up in Dallas kitchen design. Tile backsplash is taking a backseat to stone slabs carried over from the countertop. We are also seeing more matching cabinet and hardware colors. Curved lines, especially in kitchen islands, are also on the upswing. Texas luxury kitchens are leaning toward marrying a more country/rustic style with a modern vibe.

FAQ: How Does Keti Work with Other Contractors?

Keti partners with home builders, investors, home flippers and licensed general contractors to complete the work. If you’re looking for a design and remodel solution, Keti Abazi’s team of contractors can transform your kitchen from concept to reality.

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6 High-End Kitchen Design Features That Add Value

If you’re upgrading your kitchen for your own enjoyment, customization and optimization is key. But if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, here are some key items to add.

1. Update Your Cabinets

All-new cabinets can take up to 30 percent of your redesign kitchen budget, as many luxury kitchens enjoy custom cabinetry, including soft-close drawers and doors, tilted cabinet doors below the sink and trash can drawers. Cabinet height is important — make sure your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling to achieve a high end look. Luxury kitchens are leaning toward the “no kitchen” kitchen — meaning all the cabinets, or wall panels, are hiding small appliances and large appliances, such as refrigerators. You can even install a refrigerator drawer! These are great for kids snacks and drinks, or for other refrigerated items you might want spaced throughout your kitchen such as condiments, or fresh fruit and veggies. Another drawer on the rise is the warming drawer. It can help you keep dinner from going cold, or proof bread, or even slow cook. We can house blenders and food processors in drawers and cabinets to keep them out of sight, and create a custom space for every post and pan. Every pot and pan will have a customized storage space.

2. Swap Out Your Countertops

Stone countertops are the height of luxury, and you can’t go wrong with quartz, granite or marble, with quartz being the most durable. Veined marble, both creamy and dark gray, is also having a moment. A classic luxury move is to use a slab of the same stone as your countertop as a backsplash for a seamless appearance. Exotic wood countertops are on the rise in luxury design kitchens, as well. The most popular wood species include:

  • African mahogany (features marks in the shape of an intermittent ribbon, from pale to dark reddish brown)
  • Zebrawood (features pale brown to black stripes running through bright yellow heartwood)
  • Teak (features black striping with medium brown tones, from pale yellow to orange-brown)
  • Chechen rosewood (features grain variations, from tan to dark reddish-brown)

FAQ: When Should Cabinets Be Refinished vs Replaced with New?

If the box or cabinet frame is in good condition, but the doors and drawers are outdated, it might be an option to refinish them. Especially if the design is functional. Existing solid wood cabinets can handle new stain and paint and new trim can help extend existing cabinets to the ceiling. Wood veneer can be installed over existing cabinets for a uniform and clean look with all new cabinet doors and drawers. It doesn’t hurt to get a quote for refinishing, but if the difference in cost savings is close to full replacement, do yourself a favor and fully replace cabinets. Your future self with thank you.

And of course, updating the cabinet hardware is an affordable solution with a big design impact. However, if you are completely reconfiguring a kitchen layout or your cabinets are damaged, warped or moldy or have layers of paint and stain, you should replace them.

FAQ: Is Open Shelving a Good Design Decision?

Open shelf upper cabinets are a design trend, especially in farmhouse kitchens. But a big warning. What we see on Instagram or Pinterest as neatly organized and clean shelves is harder to achieve day after day. Preventing dust and mess is a hassle for most clients, especially those with kids. If you prefer a clean and organized kitchen, open shelving can be a constant battle and hassle.

FAQ: Is a Quartz Countertop Necessary for a Luxury Kitchen?

Quartz is in and will be in for a while. Most new home builders in Dallas continue to install quartz countertops for homes above $325k. Quartzite is another natural stone option which is more expensive than quartz and is also prefabricated.

For existing homes, Quartz isn’t the only luxury countertop surface. Quartz was created to be more durable than granite or marble, both expensive, high-end materials that require sealing to avoid wear.

Wood or butcher block countertops are an alternative, as they offer a warm, farmhouse look, and are easy to keep clean. Stainless steel and concreteare durable and high-end, especially if you have a modern home design. Soapstone can be beautiful if you like an antique-like patina. And recycled glass material is growing in popularity among eco-friendly luxury customers.

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3. Update Your Appliances

Swapping in new appliances is a great ROI — home buyers can see themselves making other updates as long as a new fridge, range or double oven is already there! And if you’re updating your kitchen for yourself, you’ll definitely enjoy using the new appliances. A wine fridge is an absolute must-have, for starters. Homeowners have been requesting this update in droves in recent years. Drawer-style microwaves and dishwashers also add to that “hidden kitchen” luxury vibe. A dated look is a microwave that doubles as a range hood above the stove. Instead, a big bonus is a statement range with a custom hood. Custom designs include marble, plaster, shiplap or wood trim that complement the rest of your kitchen’s style. To go luxury is also to go high-tech! We’re talking smart refrigerators with touchscreens, cameras, transparent doors and wireless connections to your devices.

4. Install New Light Fixtures

Lighting is the jewelry of the home — so make sure your Dallas kitchen sparkles! A luxurious lighting fixture over the island, for example, makes a good impression and sets the tone for the rest of the space. Likewise, an old and ugly lighting fixture can easily date a kitchen and affect the entire project!

Also, adding dimmer switches can help create the ambiance you’re looking for at the time of day you’re using your kitchen. Too bright? Dim the lights for a cozy dinner.

5. Swap Out Your Kitchen Sink

This one upgrade can bring a big amount of ROI because home buyers notice style/function when it comes to sinks. Luxury homes are moving away from porcelain and instead leaning toward concrete or engineered materials that are more durable.

We love touchless faucets and reverse osmosis water systems in our high-end kitchens designs.

6. Create Utilitarian Spaces

We’ve noticed an uptick in requests for additional kitchen spaces such as walk-in pantries, butler’s pantries, double islands, and coffee stations.

The coffee station, where machines, coffee, cups and mixers are all stowed together for easy access (and also easy hiding if stowed inside a wall panel!) is now a must-have. Luxury kitchens have built-in charging stations to make it easier to utilize space in the kitchen for our portable devices: phones, tablets and computers. Also on the rise are simple solutions for working from home, such as a folding wall desk in the kitchen.

Butler’s pantries are making a comeback as an additional, out-of-view space to stage food, prep food or house microwaves and coffee stations — perhaps as a privacy response to open-plan living.

Have a roomy kitchen? Why not add a second island? This luxury kitchen feature allows for dining on one island while prepping on the other, or just doubling the amount of people you can entertain in your kitchen at one time.

Luxury Kitchen Designer in Dallas Keti Abazi

FAQ: What are Common Problems Kitchens in Dallas Face?

The average age of homes in Dallas is 41 years old — which means a large percentage are much older and built in a different era. There might be insufficient counter space, functionality issues with flow, poor lighting, no space for trash cans, crowding issues. In general, we like larger kitchens today, and kitchens that haven’t been touched since the 1970s are going to disappoint.

FAQ: Luxury Kitchen Design Without Paying Luxury Prices?

Decorating details are important: geometrical fruit vases, bread bins, bouquets of flowers, a high-end candle in the kitchen can help create a luxury vibe.

Focus on luxury features, such as double ovens, one of them being a convection oven. A built-in wine fridge or a walk-in wine cellar if space is large enough. Custom pantry shelves, kitchen islands and built-ins can further elevate a space towards luxury without breaking the budget.

  • Other ways to save money while creating a luxury kitchen:
  • Use porcelain or quartz instead of marble countertops
  • Invest in quality cabinets pulls, mixing metals for a high-end look
  • Refinish cabinets instead of replacing them for a semi-custom look
  • Use vinyl flooring instead of hardwood floors
  • Choose subway tiles in unique patterns instead of stone slab
  • Invest in hardware and lighting
  • Choose one appliance and update it (like a refrigerator)

FAQ: Does a Kitchen Have to Be Open Concept to Be High-End?

Any kitchen can have a high-end look. It depends on your lifestyle. Open kitchens in general must work well with surrounding spaces. It doesn’t lend itself to looking messy. Closed kitchens work if you prefer privacy and time to tidy up.

After the 2020 pandemic lockdowns, the semi-open floor concept has become popular, which provides a little more balance clients prefer. If your kitchen isn’t currently open concept, it can be easier and more affordable to move to a semi-open floor design.

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High-End Kitchen Design Features That DON’T Add Value

On the opposite side, there are some features that don’t add value or equity to the home. Some features can be so over the top, they even hinder the ability for a home to sell. If you’re renovating your kitchen as the homeowner who plans to stay in your home, by all means — customize to your heart’s content!

But if you plan to sell eventually, we highly suggest

working with a luxury kitchen designer who can help guide on what to spend money on. Opting for a dated look is a common mistake such as putting the same travertine tile in the floor as well as the kitchen backsplash. Trends change quickly, a designer will help deliver timeless design that enhances your home and pricepoint. (Never let your General Contractor make design decisions!) The other benefit of hiring a professional is to avoid costly mistakes like these.

Going Too Colorful

Colorful or patterned wallpaper is highly personal. Neutral is the way to go! Keep your surfaces, walls and floors neutral, and add pops of color to your furniture and decor.

Going Too Luxury

Marble can turn buyers away because of its perceived maintenance and upkeep. High-end appliances mean high-end repairs.

Going Too Custom

A custom wine cellar (topping $40k most likely) is unlikely to recoup its cost. High-tech appliances that are now outdated become a hurdle, not a highlight. Taking down walls to create an open-concept kitchen that lacks storage can be a big turn-off, too.

Need help designing your kitchen from top to bottom? We would love to support you. Reach out for an intro chat and let’s see if we’re right for each other.

Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms. Coincidentally it's the kitchens and the bathrooms where most of the building budget goes, so you better make sure it is spent wisely whether it's related to the footprint (form) and functionality or the material selections. And as it turns out it's the kitchens and the bathrooms that sell homes 100% of the time, regardless of price point or location.

Common Mistakes:
1. Poorly lit rooms: Windows in the wrong places, and not enough built-in lighting to adequately light the room. We would propose at least three lighting sources to provide ambient vs. task lighting for various times of the day.
2. Poor functioning kitchens: A kitchen layout can really make or break the space, especially if it doesn’t serve your needs.
3. Choosing the paint color based on the fixed elements in the home (flooring, tile): A good interior designer would work with you to pick a cohesive design starting with an inspiration piece, like a rug or wallpaper, before selecting wall paint.
We increase the value of real estate through profit driven and timeless design for renovations and new home builds.  Whether you’re renovating your home, flipping a property or want to wisely invest in updates and staging before selling your property your ROI is our business.
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