Before & After: Updated Listing Sells in 5 Days in Winterlake

May 3, 2021

Another day, another before and after — this time for an updated listing in Winterlake. This is a home we resuscitated after it sat on the market for a few good months. Yikes! Spoiler alert: this story has a happy ending. After we were through with the updates and re-staging, the house sold in just 5 DAYS.

I know I’ve spoiled the grand finale, but I wanted you to know exactly what each of the updates below have helped achieve. But first, every home update and staging needs a smart plan...

Step 1: Meet at the House & Diagnose the Problem Areas

This house belongs to an investment property client we had worked with in the past. They had been trying to sell it as-is with no luck. Since we were able to help them with another property, they decided to reach out to us and trust us with this one. I’m so glad they did! The outside is lovely and charming.

home exterior updated listing in winterlake design by keti

The inside, which you will see in just a minute, felt dated and designed for a very specific taste. We also found damaged flooring, dirty carpets, unsightly wall colors and wall paper, old fixtures, and more. Luckily, the layout of the home had great potential. I knew that strategically updating some of the fixed elements would make this home really shine.

Step 2: Identify the Target Buyers

As soon as we knew what could be improved in this home, we had to consider the ideal buyers. After all, knowing who we will market the home to determines how we will make certain updates. During our consultation, we came to the conclusion that if we were going to invest in renovating this home, it should be marketed to someone who’s looking for a move-in ready place, and who’s willing to pay a little extra for that.

We decided that young families and first-time home buyers were our target audience. This home would be perfect for them, because it would be easier to spread out the extra cost when getting a mortgage, as opposed to coming up with the hard cash to do the renovation work themselves prior to moving in.

Step 3: Create a Design Plan for the Updated Listing

Once we determined how we would market the home, we got to work! Our design plan was pretty straightforward because most of the issues that needed to be addressed were design-defining elements that would transform the aesthetic of the home. First, we would paint the walls and get rid of wallpapers. Then we would address flooring and carpet. After that, we would update fixtures and bring in furniture.

It all sounds simple enough when you list it out like that, but in reality, it took coordination, strategy, and work — on our part. Our clients got to sit back and relax as we made the magic happen. 😉

Ready to see it? Come take a look at the updated listing...

Before & After: Entryway

before and after updated listing in winterlake design by keti entryway

The home had a great open foyer, but I could see that it needed a fresh coat of paint to feel new. If you look at the door and stairway edges (left), you can see that the paint looks tired. Repainted (right), we have a brighter entryway that definitely feels more fresh and inviting, especially in person!

For the staging, we styled the space with more modern and contemporary furnishings, using art and small accessories to add soothing touches of color. Pro Tip: The best colors for staging homes are blues and greens, which are most likely to put homebuyers at ease.

Before & After: Living Room

before and after updated listing in winterlake design by keti living room

In the original living room, the furniture was way too taste-specific for an updated listing, and the wood flooring needed replacing. The original rug is also too small for this space. With furniture floating around it, it makes the space feel disjointed, dated, and incomplete.

On the right, the living room furniture I selected makes the space feel more open and welcoming. (See how at least two legs of each furniture item is on the rug? That’s how it should be!) We used a vibrant blue as an accent color for interest and, of course, brought in some plants for a touch of life and warmth.

Here's another angle. Doesn't the flooring look so much better?? The flooring was number one on our priority, and we traded the previous engineered wood for this stained oak beauty. The muted tones create a sense of softness in the space that is instantly welcoming. We also refaced (painted over dated brick) the fireplace for a more contemporary look.

Before & After: Kitchen

before and after updated listing in winterlake design by keti kitchen

The original kitchen was definitely out of this era, from the yellow walls to the counters to the flooring. For an updated listing, neutrals are your friend! On the right... hello, new kitchen! The kitchen got a full revamp with new countertops, timeless yet on-trend backsplash, and fixtures. We used cool tones to continue the overall sense of freshness in the home.

Before & After: Breakfast Nook

before and after updated listing in winterlake design by keti breakfast nook

Just off the kitchen, we have the breakfast nook. Originally, the light fixture and wallpaper looked very outdated, and the walls needed updating. After... gone are the yellow walls and scary wallpaper! Welcome to a more modern breakfast nook, where homebuyers can imagine their mornings sipping coffee or reading a good book.

Before & After: Master Bedroom

before and after updated listing in winterlake design by keti master bedroom

The master bedroom was actually not too bad. It had a lot of space and potential. We added a fresh coat of paint, new lighting, new carpet and less traditional furnishings. Much better!

Before & After: Master Bathroom

before and after updated listing in winterlake design by keti master bathroom

Another spacious room but definitely outdated stylistically. We got rid of the lime-colored walls, added a stylish new countertop, painted the existing vanity and installed these modern cabinet pulls, light fixtures and mirrors. This home has now joined the world in this decade!

Before & After: Home Office

before and after updated listing in winterlake design by keti home office

The home office was probably in the best shape of all the rooms. The flooring and color scheme just needed some love. Fresh paint, art, and more oak wood flooring transformed this office instantly! 

How Did The Home Sell? What was the ROI?

Well, I know I spoiled the surprise at the beginning, but let me say it again. After sitting stagnant on the Dallas market with zero movement for a long while, this home sold in 5 days after re-listing! Not only that, our client saw a 57% return on their investment to get this home move-in ready. In what stock market do you get that kind of return? 

So what did we learn today? Strategic design and home staging work... and we have the numbers to back it up!

Do you have a property to list? (Or RE-list?) I can’t wait to show you how I can help YOU sell your property and get on with your life, too. If you’re ready to enlist our help in a speedy and profitable home sale, let’s talk.

— Keti

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