8 Renovations & Redesigns You Won't Believe

March 7, 2022

Today, we’re taking a trip down Memory Lane to look at a few renovations and decorating projects we’ve tackled over the years with stunning results. From our first project in the neighborhood that I called home for 13 years, Bryan Place, to last year’s renovation in Deer Trail, these projects aren’t just beautiful. They represent hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to integrity!

Before you take a look at the Before & Afters, I want to point out that even the homes we designed 10 years ago still look as classic and luxurious today as they did back then. That’s why on-trend yet timeless is always my design style! Come take a look…

1. The Renovation that Started it All: Bryan Place in Downtown Dallas

keti-abazi-bryan Place-downtown Dallas-Design by Keti-kitchen remodel-living room remodel-renovation-interior design-timeless decorating

Here’s my very first renovation and home staging project, completed in 2012. This dark, dated, and dreary space in downtown Dallas needed an infusion of light and softness, stat! The kitchen’s dark ceiling, walls, and reddish island stuck out like a sore thumb. 

We brightened the space by painting the walls, cabinets and island white; updating the hardware; installing canned lighting and new pendants; and carrying the neutral color palette throughout for a cohesive look. A glass dining table opened up the room even more, while classic, neutral furnishings give the space a luxurious, clean feel. What a transformation — and the beginning of it all.

2. Home Office Update in State Thomas, Dallas

St.-Thomas-Dallas-home-staging-vacant-home-home-office-renovations-1024x356 renovations

This home office had wood paneling throughout which not only dated the home but it was a feature our target buyers in the neighborhood could not find appealing therefore, most likely, would not be willing to make an offer on the home. New paint selections brought this vacant home office to life! Warm neutral wall colors with refinished white trim paired with a glass top desk to take advantage of the natural light in here and keep the space feeling open and airy. On-trend accessories pull it all together for an end result that is clean, efficient, timeless, and beautiful! 

3. Renovations & Furnishing in West Highland Park

We were hired to help these clients renovate their home for sale. It was already staged and listed, but potential buyers were turning away, uninterested. We determined that the style and scale of the existing home and furnishings did not meet the price point or expectations of modern-day buyers.

West Highland Park-Dallas-kitchen renovation-kitchen remodel-interior design-before & after

This kitchen had great space but was instantly dated by it’s oak cabinets and ‘90s light fixtures. We repainted the walls, refinished the cabinets in a bright cream, and removed the dated backsplash. These changes didn’t break the bank for our clients and made a HUGE difference in the presentation of the space. 

We topped it off with light-colored furniture with luxurious style, making the room comfortable and inviting….and worthy of the price tag. Oversized, modern light fixtures helped create separation between the kitchen and table, which could be used as a breakfast table or even as a spot to set up and work for the day. 

West Highland Park-Design by Keti-dining room remodel-before & after-interior design-renovation-light fixtures-timeless design renovations

The initial dining room was dark and cramped, had dated lighting, and didn’t really flow with the other rooms. Now, updated lighting brings elegance to the room, the space isn’t overly crowded, and white walls (not blue) reflect light to keep the room bright and open. Plus, you can easily see the kitchen and the living space for a seamless entertaining experience. Safe to say, our clients relisted this home and it sold FAST. Read the whole story of the West Highland Park refresh here.

4. Elevating Curb Appeal in Lakewood

Lakewood-home staging-renovation-interior design-landscape-curb appeal-exterior home update

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, focusing on the curb appeal of your property is crucial. A change in the scale of the columns, our color palette and fresh paint really elevated this exterior, right? And, who doesn’t find rocking chairs on a covered porch charming? The inside also needed some work…

Lakewood-Dallas-Design by Keti-interior design-home staging-before & after

Inside, we started by updating the wall paint and trim. A fresh coat of paint is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to revive a space. You can feel it when you walk in the door! This entry room had bright large windows and nice built-ins that just needed some attention. We brought in updated furnishings in neutral tones and used an area rug to create more defined spaces. This is design done right! View more of the Lakewood home here. And this home was also featured in Dallas Culture map. You can go HERE to read the article.

5. A Lighter & Brighter Kitchen in West Highland Park

West Highland Park-Dallas-Design by Keti-kitchen remodel-before & after-kitchen renovation

In 2018, small changes made a big impact on this West Highland Park kitchen. All we ended up doing here was changing the backsplash, refinishing the cabinets and island in a new color, and adding new barstools. 

The challenge? Choosing the right white and the right gray to work with the two most dominant surfaces in the space: the countertops and the travertine floor. Of course, I nailed it (I’m a True Color Expert), and the combination of warm browns and grays feels effortless. Plus, now you can see the island’s detail!

6. From Dated to Dazzling in West Highland Park

West Highland Park-Dallas-exterior home renovations -curb appeal-landscape-before & after

This 1970s West Highland Park home was dark, disjointed, and tailored to a very specific taste, but it also had great potential. Architectural details gave it unique character…if we presented it just right. After: Lighter eaves, landscaping improvements, and a more inviting front step make this home far more joyful and welcoming. 

West Highland Park-Dallas-Design by Keti-interior design-renovation-home staging-living room-before & after

Inside, we found dark and dated wallpaper throughout the entire home, from the living spaces to the bedrooms. We removed the dark wallpaper and opted for a light blue-gray color, picking up from the blue undertones in the kitchen counters used throughout the home. The end result was enormous spaciousness, making it so much lighter, brighter and airy. Now this is a home that fits in the luxury category, to sell or to dwell. 

7. Blah Builders Grade to Dream Home in Lake Highlands 

This is my home! I had it built from scratch, not custom, but by a production builder. Although they offered some limited (and sometimes dated) options to choose from, I knew I had the knowledge to take matters into my own hands and elevate my builder-grade home to something special. And that’s exactly what I did…

Lake Highlands-Dallas-Design by Keti-spec home upgrade-new build-renovation-before & after

Compared to the “before” photo, you’ll notice that I added sleek, modern handles on the cabinets, swapped out the light fixtures for more contemporary style pendants (the previous ones felt very ‘90s), and painted the island this enchanting blue color called Salty Dog by Sherwin Williams. I LOVE it! 

highland park dfw design by keti custom luxury home open concept transitional renovations

I also updated the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and home office…but you’ll have to read here to see the rest. 😉

8. Cohesive Comfort in Lake Highlands

Which brings us to late 2021 (with smaller scattered projects in between, of course), when these clients wanted to update their newly purchased home. Their goal? To walk in from a long day at work and feel the comfort and ease of being home. They wanted a space that would effortlessly infuse happiness and comfort into their daily lives.

Lake Highlands-Dallas-Design by Keti-interior design-renovation-decorating-living room-before & after

In the original living room (left), our clients had a dark gray sectional that was a bit too masculine for the space. With the sofa taking up the most space and being a focal point, it was essential to select something neutral to blend in with the surroundings and add brightness and comfort.

In the updated space (right), we swapped the two off-scale, wrong style and wrong color accent chairs with a new accent chair that perfectly fits the aesthetic of the home while simultaneously providing extra comfort. In addition, we added a modern yet simple light fixture which gives the room the perfect finishing touch! Isn’t it incredible the difference a new light fixture can make?!

Lake Highlands-Dallas-staircase-renovation-interior design-entry-stairs-remodel

On the stairs,, we used a simple design trick that created a significant transformation: painting the stair risers the same color as the trim! This is the perfect way to replace a dark and dim design with a bright, beautiful, and timeless touch. 

In the foyer, combining a light-colored runner and more modern light fixtures in warm brass instantly added some much-needed softness to the space. As a result, the elements flawlessly carry out a welcoming and luxurious approach that perfectly matches the home’s architectural details. You can see more of this project here.

interior designer keti abazi custom homes dallas fort worth renovations new builds

And there you have it! A picture’s worth a thousand words, and the proof is in the photos. We always go above and beyond, genuinely care for our clients, and we are passionate about creating classic, relevant designs for living

Have you been thinking about a renovation or redesign for your home? Ready to get started? Reach out to me here, and we’ll create a plan for a functional, practical, and liveably luxurious space designed just for you

— Keti

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