New Builds: Why You Need an Interior Designer BEFORE You Start

February 7, 2022

Whether you’re currently planning a new build or custom home, you have probably noticed there are several different professionals involved. Of course, the home needs to be built by a builder (no surprise) and the structure planned out by an architect, but what about your interiors? Do you need an interior designer? If so, when?

If you think it’s an interior designer’s job to sweep in and simply put the final touches on the builder’s work, think again…

What is a Designer's Role During a New Build?

Just as the foundation of your home plays an important role in building a solid structure, an interior designer is fundamental to creating a beautiful, thoughtful, and cohesively designed living experience. By taking each detail of your lifestyle, wants, and needs into consideration, we are able to deliver amazing final results, which is why you should hire an interior designer (me!) well before the foundation is poured.

That early?? YES. Most people don’t realize that in order to achieve your dream results for your new build, it’s best for interior designers to begin planning before construction even begins. (We can move walls in the construction drawings but not walls that are already up.) 

If you care about the look and function of your home, an interior designer should be your first call. 

Design-By-Keti-Dallas-Highland-Park-Texas-Interior-Design-Livable-Luxury-Fresh-Updated-Entryway-Home-Renovation new builds

Now, you’re probably thinking, “why not just leave it to the builder?” While builders and architects are talented on the structural side, the truth is, they don’t always have a sharp eye for interior design. It isn’t their job to think about where you will store your cleaning supplies, how much space you need for your TV, or where your dining room table will go (so that you have electrical wiring for a chandelier). Important details like furniture placement, functionally-placed electrical outlets and special finishes aren’t on their radars.

On the other hand, an interior designer ensures the space works well both visually and physically, and this just so happens to be my area of expertise. Being involved from concept to completion allows me to oversee each detail, large and small, giving you the livable luxurious results.

Not convinced yet? Here are 3 advantages you’ll experience from starting your home build process with an interior designer…

1. A Designer Helps You Make Smart Decisions

A good designer has a clear vision of the final goal when developing the initial design. Unfortunately, the end result is something that most people, especially builders, don’t always consider. (Read more about the different types of builders here OR take a look at how I upgraded my own builder-basic home.) 


Thankfully for you, I am an expert in my trade, and it brings me such joy to walk you through this process. During the beginning phases of my detailed design process, I take special care to discover your designated design style and learn the specifics of how you will use your home. By considering your lifestyle, I can offer the best suggestions for selecting finishes that will fit your needs while staying true to the style of your home…and of course, your desired investment.

Why is this important? Without my help, you’ll be more inclined to select things that are trending (and will quickly go out of style) or features that are out of style. (I recently saw a ‘90s platform tub installed in a brand new home and couldn’t believe my eyes.) Why would you want to date your home from the start? That's literally throwing money away. I won’t let you do that to yourself!

2. A Designer Creates Cohesiveness Throughout the Home 

When looking at professionally designed homes in magazines, do you believe an architect planned the layout with the furnishings in mind? Or was the builder the one to match the exterior color palette perfectly with the interior? Nope and nope. More likely, both professionals, along with an interior designer, worked together to put together a cohesive home from the inside out.

Design-By-Keti-Dallas-Highland-Park-Texas-Interior-Design-Livable-Luxury-Classic-Kitchen new builds

When the exterior finishes and color palette combine effortlessly with the interior of your home, this creates flow and structure. You know, for things like making your daily routine easy. Entertaining with style. Impressing the neighbors. Having a home that supports your growing family…things like that. 

When working with me, not only do I help select materials, color finishes, and fixtures, but I also manage the specifics of the installation process. Think grout color, fireplace style, cabinetry design, etc. Design is in the details and I make sure that ALL work together for you.

3. A Designer Helps to Maximize Your Investment 

There are several ways a designer helps maximize your investment:

  • In helping you save and splurge where necessary to prioritize quality and longevity where it matters, and not investing where it doesn’t
  • In helping you balance your overall budget during the project
  • By making sure you don’t forget about necessary but usually forgotten things…like furnishings!

Can you imagine investing so much time and money into building a beautiful home only to reach the end and bring in all of your old furniture that you don’t even like anymore? I don’t think that is the dream reveal that you’re imagining. 


Working with a designer from the beginning ensures that your investment is properly budgeted to account for everything from fixed finishes all the way to furnishings. It’s important to do these things correctly from the start. After all, money is involved! It’s like one big puzzle. We put all the pieces on the board, move them around, and find the perfect arrangement for you.

Without the help of a designer, you’ll risk spending on items that you don’t need or, even worse, things that don’t look good in your home. Nobody wants that!

Design-By-Keti-Dallas-Highland-Park-Texas-Interior-Design-Livable-Luxury-Welcome-Home-Entryway new builds

There you have it! My vision, combined with your big dreams for your new home, will produce a beautiful, functional, and on-trend (notice I did not say trendy) home that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. 

If you’re ready to bring an expert interior designer onto your home building team, I would love to help. Reach out to me here

In the meantime, stay tuned for sneak peeks of TWO custom homes we’re working on right now! More to come on that later…

— Keti

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