Renovation and Interior Design for
Dallas Home Owners


Our Full Service Concierge combines all of our offerings to give you a truly stress-free way of getting your house renovated and decorated.

This service is for the homeowner who knows their property needs some updates as well as interior decorating  and is eager to hand the reins to highly qualified experts.



During this initial consultation we will put together a solid design plan of what we would need to work on so that you immediately add equity to your home. Not only that, the anticipated improvements are in line with your taste and lifestyle.

You will get specific advice and recommendation on overall space planning, floor plan, kitchen and bathroom design and footprint, examples of material selections (flooring, tile, counter tops, etc) and interior color selections.



We’ll create a design plan for your home and make selections for any updates (new paint, flooring, backsplash, lighting, etc). We’ll present these in a proposal to you with quotes for the services and materials investments.



Along with our trusted team of subcontractors, we’ll carry out the agreed-upon renovations with speed and professionalism. This is the time when you really get to relax and enjoy letting experts take the wheel!



We’ll present you with a proposal for a livable luxury home decorating that highlights the home’s fixed elements and reflects how you use the home and what makes you look forward to being there. After all, your home should be your sanctuary, the place you are most at peace with.. Then we decorate  the home!

This is the moment when “livable luxury” comes to life... and steals  your heart...


Are you ready for a smart renovation and livable luxury interior decorating?

Or, book a discovery call to see if we're a good fit for each other.

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Whether you need expert design advice for your new build, a renovation design consultation, interior design or redesign consultation, we've got you covered...



The Retained New Build Design package starts with an initial on-site visit, where you will get specific advice and recommendation on space planning, the overall floor plan, kitchen and bathroom design and footprint.

Within a week from the initial meeting and on our second appointment we will be working on all the material and color selections for your new home.

Once we have finalized all the material and color selections which includes, flooring, tile and all hard surfaces we will then focus on sourcing and selecting all the fans and fixtures, and all plumbing and hardware selections the details of which will be sent to you via an email.

Our ultimate goal is that your new home is on-trend, reflecting your needs, wants and lifestyle and is at the same time highly marketable and profitable.

Up to two revisions of all the items selected are included in the design fee. Any further sourcing and selections is billed at our regular design hourly rate.



Our Home Consultation + Design Package is for those who need solid renovation advice and a design plan that will raise their home’s value. (Phases I & II of the Complete Concierge Home Service)

After joining you on-site for a Consultation, we’ll present you with a design plan that includes…
Advice for marketable floor plans and space planning
Interior color palette (exterior color palette available upon request)
Material selections for fixed elements that need updating
Sources for procuring the items selected

Materials selections may include flooring, wall and floor bathroom tile, countertops, backsplash, lighting, hardware, plumbing, etc.




During this initial consultation you will get specific advice and recommendation on overall space planning, furniture needs and placement in the rooms you would like for me to focus on. We will get into size, color and style discussions of all the items needed to furnish the home.

Once we have a solid blueprint of all that's needed to furnish your home (or the rooms you want to focus on) we will also work on a purchasing budget together so that we know exactly what the total project amount will be to decorate and style your home.




During this two-hour consultation, Keti will be able to help you select a color for main walls, trim for a minimum of up to three rooms/areas and that works well with the existing fixed elements in the home such as flooring and tile.

She will also provide feedback on how the newly selected color works with your existing furnishings and decor in those rooms where new color is specified


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Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms. Coincidentally it's the kitchens and the bathrooms where most of the building budget goes, so you better make sure it is spent wisely whether it's related to the footprint (form) and functionality or the material selections. And as it turns out it's the kitchens and the bathrooms that sell homes 100% of the time, regardless of price point or location.

Common Mistakes:
1. Poorly lit rooms: Windows in the wrong places, and not enough built-in lighting to adequately light the room. We would propose at least three lighting sources to provide ambient vs. task lighting for various times of the day.
2. Poor functioning kitchens: A kitchen layout can really make or break the space, especially if it doesn’t serve your needs.
3. Choosing the paint color based on the fixed elements in the home (flooring, tile): A good interior designer would work with you to pick a cohesive design starting with an inspiration piece, like a rug or wallpaper, before selecting wall paint

We increase the value of real estate through profit driven and timeless design for renovations and new home builds.  Whether you’re renovating your home, flipping a property or want to wisely invest in updates and staging before selling your property your ROI is our business.
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