Custom Home Interior Design in Dallas

Why an Interior Designer is Needed

You’re finally doing it. You’re moving forward with plans to build your dream home. It’s been a long time in the making, and you’ve chosen the right architect, the right builder. 

Do you really need an interior designer to help with your custom home? Yes, yes, a resounding yes!

Interior designers are part of the building trifecta (architect, builder, designer) for a reason: We take into account every detail of your lifestyle and wish list, then we carefully explore, plan and curate the details to make your home work for you. And we do this all before the ground even breaks on the construction.

Good design is in the details! While builders and architects are talented on the structural side, building more than 54,000 homes in the Dallas area alone last year, they don’t always have a sharp eye for interior design. Additionally, some builders don’t have interior designers on their team, or they are related to the ones they do have. It’s common for home builders to rely on a spouse or relative for material selections and interior design recommendations where they too often side with you or  the builder- neither one of which is a professional designer. We are a third-party: impartial and beholden only to you.

It’s our job to know design trends as well as important details about Dallas homebuyers’ home dreams, including the fact that most prioritize home offices, home gyms and outdoor living spaces. And if your dream is a home office with hidden charging stations throughout and a huge chandelier over your desk, we know exactly how to make that happen for you.

FAQ: How to Go Beyond Builder Grade

Builder grade means the most simple and basic materials, with the least amount of durability. Builder-grade fixtures generally are super trendy, easily found at your local big box home improvement store, wear out faster and need more maintenance. Some builder-grade materials can be swapped out later, such as cabinet handles and drawer pulls.

On the other hand, it makes sense to install higher-end versions of these items while you’re building your home: soft-close kitchen cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, built-in trash cans, more storage, better bathroom tiling installed in a unique pattern, and extra insulation in the walls to improve utility bills.

Here are some real examples of builder grade selections even in otherwise "luxury" homes:
1. Six foot standard doors with a hollow core
2. Kitchen cabinets that do not go all the way to the ceiling when the ceiling is 10 to 12 feet tall
3. Light fixtures that look like they came from Lowes or Home Depot
4. All gray everywhere, on the walls, on the floors, on the cabinets and countertops
5. Frameless mirrors in all the bathrooms that are too small for the vanity
6. No light sconces anywhere in the house
7. No cabinet pulls anywhere in the house
8. Brushed nickel is THE ONLY hardware material finish
9. Puny door knobs in brushed nickel for all interior doors
10. Super dysfunctional laundry rooms
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4 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer Before You Build

We Can Save You Time, Money and Stress

If you are buying a new construction from a production builder or building a custom home, there are several good reasons you should talk to an interior designer like Keti Abazi before you get started.

Do you want to enjoy the selection process? Nod your head “yes” with us. Of course! Nobody wants any extra stress when going through the home building process. You probably have an extensive wish list of things you want, but at the same time you have no idea on how to achieve the style you’re going for. Let us guide you through the myriad decisions such as tile, lighting, fixtures, flooring, counters, paint colors, you name it! We can help you avoid decision fatigue by guiding you in the design direction you need to go, thus reducing the time it takes to make the decisions in the first place.

We’ve Got the Details

It’s our job to think of every nook and cranny. We think about the lighting before the wiring is installed. We pay attention to where to place the wall sconces. We know when function matters. We plan how hardware, paint colors and furniture and decor will work together before the drywall is even up. Not only do we select these materials, we also manage the installation process. Fireplace tile, grout color, cabinetry design — it’s all in the details, and it’s what makes your house a home.

We Have Awesome Resources

If you work only with the builder, you will end up with one of the limited “cookie cutter” options the builder offers you. If you work with us, we have knowledge and resources to bring not only custom options in your home, such as built-ins, a wine bar, or a secret storage room but also furniture, window treatments, soft goods, artwork, accessories and lighting.

We can create a unique home that reflects exactly who you and your family are.

We Will Save You Money

With our interior design help on your new home, you can avoid spending money on the wrong choices for your home. Avoid expensive selections and finishes that make your home look trendy, aka dated from the get go.

Have you ever painted several times because you didn’t like the color? Have you ever purchased furniture only to realize it doesn’t match your home? It may seem counterintuitive to save money by paying a designer, but trust us when we say ripping out the wrong kitchen backsplash can set you back an even prettier penny. Also, we know how to get the best value out of your budget by helping you save where it makes sense, and splurging where it matters.


How a New Home Designer Can Help During Construction

During the construction phase, we can dive into the details by being your eyes and ears, acting as a liaison with the home builder. Avoiding negative and costly design outcomes related to the footprint of the home, layout, functionality, scale and style is an important job of an interior designer.

We speak the same language (building terminology), and can bring up any issues as we see them. For example, proper outlet placement is going to be important for the functionality of your home, such as where you want to place furniture, whether a lamp will work in that corner, etc. We know exactly what we need to bring up before it’s too late.

Our talent is to ensure that the space works not just visually, but physically, as well.Its all about form and function and the perfect marriage of the two.  We can determine whether certain spaces are the adequate size, whether there’s enough height for ceiling beams, whether to plan for a clawfoot bathtub that needs special plumbing fixtures.

Say you want to use reclaimed wood ceiling beams, or a particular specialty flooring type, or a freestanding bathtub with a faucet that comes out of the ground. The more we can plan in the early stages, the faster, smoother and less costly the home building process will be.

We can visualize your space for you and work with the architect and builder on spatial planning, such as door and window placement. Sometimes 2-D and 3-D plans can be misinterpreted if a contractor is in a hurry — but we know how to stay on top of this.

In addition to advocating for you with the builders and contractors, we can help alleviate the stress of disagreements with your partner! That’s right — couples disagree on all sorts of design decisions, but we can reconcile these conflicts by offering new solutions that make both parties happy.

And, last but not least, we know when to say no. It’s our job to help you make a good return on your investment. All selections and design choices should reflect the price point of the home, while at the same time being aware of where the design trends are headed in the next 10 to 15 years.

Hire Us to Design Your New or Custom Home

Working with you to create an amazing home isn’t just a job for us — it’s a calling. Making you happy and comfortable in your new space is what we love to do. It’s our pleasure to take the guesswork out and bring excitement to the process.

Don’t wait until you’ve already started the build — contact us today so we can work on your dream home together!

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FAQ: What Rooms in New Homes Need Interior Design Attention?

Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms. Coincidentally it's the kitchens and the bathrooms where most of the building budget goes, so you better make sure it is spent wisely whether it's related to the footprint (form) and functionality or the material selections. And as it turns out it's the kitchens and the bathrooms that sell homes 100% of the time, regardless of price point or location.

Common Mistakes:
1. Poorly lit rooms: Windows in the wrong places, and not enough built-in lighting to adequately light the room. We would propose at least three lighting sources to provide ambient vs. task lighting for various times of the day.
2. Poor functioning kitchens: A kitchen layout can really make or break the space, especially if it doesn’t serve your needs.
3. Choosing the paint color based on the fixed elements in the home (flooring, tile): A good interior designer would work with you to pick a cohesive design starting with an inspiration piece, like a rug or wallpaper, before selecting wall paint.
We increase the value of real estate through profit driven and timeless design for renovations and new home builds.  Whether you’re renovating your home, flipping a property or want to wisely invest in updates and staging before selling your property your ROI is our business.
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