Vacant Staging | As Seen on HGTV’s Lone Star Flip

Date:March April 2017
Location:Grapevine TX
Value:$3,000 to $5,000
Client: TV Production Company

We were contacted regarding this project by Black Door Home Co, who was engaged on a  flipping and remodeling project that was also being filmed as a potential spin off of the very well known Flip or Flop show on HGTV.

In touring the property several times we determined – as always – that the staging design would need to be cohesive and that it would also need to take into consideration all the fixed elements of the home, including color.

As you will see a bright teal color was used in the kitchen cabinets, so that was the jumping off point for the color scheme throughout the house.

In addition, as always  scale, balance and symmetry was also taken into consideration so that the home would show in it’s best light on the small screen.

A fun fact about the project is that since we were not allowed to use mass produced art to stage the home, and since the alternative was to stage not using art at all, I ended up painting all the artwork myself. And I thought that it turned out really fine.

I specifically love the artwork that we hung in the living room as it beautifully played off the sputnik chandelier hanging from the ceiling.


This was definitely a very long and very laborious type of project. Things are not as easy as we see them on HGTV but at the end of the day, it was all worth it. This turned out to be one beautiful home.