Remodeling and Vacant Staging | Dallas

Dallas Home Renovation by Design by KETI

Remodeling and Vacant Staging | Dallas

Date: September 2016 –  April 2017
Location: Disney Streets, Dallas
Client: Investor
Category: Remodel and Vacant Staging

Our firm was hired by Valhalla REI – a real estate investment firm –  to help devise the  ideal floor plan, and also  make all design choices including selecting all finish-outs, materials and hardware used for this new flip as well as stage the home when everything was said and done.

Our Solutions

In researching the target buyer in the neighborhood we determined that the residents and also the buyers in the area prefer a more traditional look and feel to the house as opposed to an open space concept. Although we opened up the kitchen to the family room and the breakfast nook, we kept all the walls that defined the living room, formal living room as well as formal dining room in tact.

All the material and color selections  we made are on-trend – buyers love that –  yet the house has a more classic and timeless feel to it.

This home is perfect for a young family and everyone with children can attest to how important privacy is especially when having guests over.

Our research, design choices as well as staging the home paid off for our clients. The home went under contract within two weeks, at a time when open concept homes in similar price point in the neighborhood have had at least one to two price reductions and are still sitting on the market.