Remodeling and Vacant Staging | Richardson

Dallas Home Renovations

Remodeling and Vacant Staging | Richardson

Date: October 2016 – April 2017
Location: Richardson
Client: Investor
Category: Remodeling and Vacant Staging

This home sits in Dallas but belongs the the Richardson ISD, which is a very desirable feature for a lot of young families. We opted to open up the kitchen to the living room, and kept some of the architectural elements of the home, but decided to redesign them so they are more in sync with the tastes and desires of  the target buyers in the area.

Our Solutions

We enlarged closets, bathrooms and the kitchen so they better fit to the lifestyle of the families in the 21st century.

All the material and color selections  we made are on-trend – buyers love that –  yet the house has a more classic and timeless feel to it.

Our research, design choices as well as staging the home paid off for our clients. The home went under contract and sold in less than a week at above asking.