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Prestonwood Luxury Home Staging

Luxury Staging | Prestonwood

Date: March 2014
Location: Prestonwood, Dallas
Client: Individual Seller 
Category: Luxury Vacant Home Staging

This property was in the market before. It was being marketed as an occupied home. Sometimes the challenge with selling a home as is, is that the potential buyers may not identify themselves in the way you have decorated your house, for various reasons.

Because the seller had moved out, they decided to bring us in and stage the home.

In touring the property it was obvious to us that this is what I call a “Tuscany Brown” home. In other words it is very taste specific. And the color selections on the wall are a bit dated.

Our Solutions

Our goal was to neutralize the home as much as we could thru staging it using primarily neutral furniture and accessories, but at the same time staying true to the fixed elements in the home.

Whether it is staging a home to sell or staging a home  to enjoy for yourself, the key is that the way the home is decorated should complements the fixed elements in the home. You will end up with cohesive, pleasant results 100% of the time.

Our research and staging design plan worked as it always does. The home sold within a week after being re-listed as a staged home.