New Build Luxury Staging | Frisco

Luxury Vacant Staging | The Hills of Northwood, Frisco

Date April 2017
Location Frisco, Texas
Client Luxury Home Builder
Category Luxury Vacant Home Staging

We were contacted by Christian Custom Homes to stage one of their most recent new builds in the Hills of Northwood neighborhood of Frisco Texas.

In previewing the property, we determined the key areas that needed to be staged, put together the blueprint of the staging design plan and determined the direction we would take the staging design given all the fixed elements in the house and also the layout of all the rooms to be staged.

Our Solutions

One of the main reasons for staging a house is to show the buyers how exactly they can live in the house. This particular home is definitely an entertainment home and our goal was to capture this quality thru our staging designs.

So here are some of the things that we did:

  1. To create continuity between the kitchen , the living room and the entertainment room, we opted to set the stage for living by creating two separate sitting areas in the living room as opposed to just one. That way, there is clear traffic flow between the living room and the entertainment room.
  2. Had we only set one sitting area in the living room, we would have in fact blocked traffic thru the barn doors to and from the living room to the entertainment room. In addition, the scale of the staging would be off and rather than adding value to the home, that sort of poor staging in actuality would have taken away from it.
  3. To accentuate the beautiful fireplace in the living room we opted for low accent chairs in a cream color, and a light and airy center piece on the cocktail table.
  4. To accentuate the gorgeous windows throughout the house, we opted for low back accent chairs, such as the ones used in the sitting vignette in the master bedroom.
  5. To accentuate the beautiful light fixtures and the wall paper in the dining room, we opted to use understated ghost chairs, an original piece of artwork, and an understated center piece. And of course the two custom made captain chairs only add to the luxury feel of the home.