New Build Luxury Staging | Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow Luxury Home Staging

New Build Luxury Staging | Preston Hollow

Date: June 2015
Location: Preston Hollow, Dallas
Client: Luxury Home Builder
Category: Luxury Vacant Staging

Our client engaged our firm to help stage this home as it was not moving. It had been marketed vacant for a few months and there was no interest from any buyers. In touring the home we decided that to highlight the beautiful fixed elements and the finish – outs in the home, original artwork and Persian area rugs would need to be used to stage the home.

I like to say some homes are “bossy”, and they dictate how they should or should not be furnished, and this home is definitely bossy but in a good way.

Our Solutions

We reached out to  local art and Persian rugs dealers to source some impactfull pieces that we used to stage the home. Because this home had great tall walls and fireplaces, it was of the utmost importance that the right scale of artwork was used to stage the home, as well as the right scale of rugs, furniture etc.

Our staging plan and design choices paid off. The home sold within a week of being re-listed as a staged home.