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Interior redesign University park

University Park Interior Design

DateMarch 2015
Location University Park


Our Solutions

This too was a very fun project for me to work on. Basically I got to use everything that the client owned, just relocated and repurposed most of her primary and secondary furniture pieces.

Once I was finished with the project, my client brought her neighbors in for a look-see. All these neighbors had visited the home before. they kept asking questions to my client about where this or that piece came from. And it was  pretty much almost all of it what she already owned only repurposed.

Our work paid off as this house sold in the first week of being listed.

My client who is also a realtor has brought me in to stage many of the homes she has been listing eversince. Over time she has become a good friend and now my realtor as I look for the perfect new place I can call my home.