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Date May 2019
Location Preston Hollow
Client Investor/Flipper

For the past four years, I have had the pleasure of working with Valhalla REA an investor group that buys real estate low, makes all the needed renovations, remodeling and repairs and then turns around and sells those properties at current market value.  I love working with those guys because they are passionate about what they do, and how they do it. Our values are the same as both them and I strive to always put a top notch product together without cutting any corners. This recent collaboration of ours is no different.

Our Solutions

The very fist thing we assess when I tour a home that is about to be flipped is Functionality. Some of the questions we ask are: is this current floor plan conducive to the 21st century way of living, does the home have a home office, does the style of the home support open concept living, will our buyers appreciate open-concept, can we have en-suite bathrooms throughout (especially if it is a luxury home), can we open up the kitchen to the living room, does the home have a mud room so it is a child friendly home, what about a family retreat?  What about a mother in law suite?

The reason why we have to address all these questions in the front end is because the last thing I would want for my clients is to spend the money and do work that’ so trendy and infamous for the time being and that ends up being a financial disaster in the back end when it is time to sell the flipped home.

The answer to the questions above will dictate which wall and how many of them will be knocked down, and if we are adding additional square footage to the home so that it is in line with similar homes in the neighborhood that are on top of the market.

Then comes the conversation about Form. The next step then is to select and source all the materials, wall and trim color, flooring, tile, backsplash, plumbing, light fixtures, hardware and more.

And once the project is all wrapped up, then coms the fun part, staging it to perfection so that it appeals to the target buyers in the neighborhood.

Our attention to detail and hard work paid off yet another time. This home listed for over $1Mil and it sold in less than three months.

If you are an investor who flips homes and have not worked with a designer before, but are now ready to do so because you have decided you want to elevate your projects and subsequently your profit margins, we would welcome the opportunity to help you.