Can’t Sell? Stage!

This home had been on the market before becoming vacant and it got no interest from potential buyers. Rather than going thru another price reduction, the sellers opted to stage the home and engaged our firm. They chose to work with us because they were drawn to our portfolio and the results we have been able to accomplish in the past in situations like this.

The home sold in less than a week after it re-listed as a staged home that was also professionally photographed.

All the furnishings and accessories used were purposely selected to highlight the home’s square footage and architectural details.

Notice how well they complement the finish out and fixed elements of the home (wall, drape color, fireplace stone, pink beige undertone in the tile, and yellow beige undertone in the kitchen backsplash).

Although mixing pink beige and yellow beige is something I would never recommend, there are a lot of homes that have such types of undertones in the fixed elements. My job as a professional is to make it all seamless and intentional, as if it goes together – as you see in the pictures.

Because of the pink beige, yellow beige and warm undertones of the house, there is absolutely no other way to style and stage this home other than to use furnishings and accessories that have warm and neutral undertones to them.

Staging paid off big time for this seller. Because the home sold quickly, it saved them money from not only future price reductions, but also from future mortgage, tax and insurance payments.

If you would like to know more about how you can maximize your profits during a real estate transaction, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be honored to be of service.


Keti Abazi, Staging Designer and True Color Expert™

Owner and Creative Director of Design by KETI

O: (214) 814 – 5967

E-mail: info@designbyketi.com

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