As a Realtor®, I have hired Keti Abazi many times to consult with my clients when I list their homes for sale. Many of them have, in turn, hired her to do an extensive staging in preparation for the marketing of their home. I have been completely satisfied with Keti's work, and I am convinced these homes sold for much higher prices because of her expertise in staging.
Most recently she worked for one of my customers who had a home priced in the $500,000+ price range. My client's investment to renovate and stage was about $15,000. In my judgment, my homeowner got at least a $30,000 bump in his sale price as a result of Ms. Abazi's work on his house. He was pleased with the outcome, as was I. It is great to be able to recommend a staging consultant with complete confidence in her ability.

We increase the value of real estate through profit driven and timeless design for renovations and home staging. Whether you’re flipping a property, renovating, staging to sell, or want to wisely invest in updates, your ROI is our business.
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