Vacant Staging

Adding Life and Personality to a Vacant Home

You might think that a vacant home allows buyers to see possibilities, but the truth is, they’re more likely to just feel a sense of emptiness. No wonder vacant homes languish on the market twice as long as even poorly furnished homes. Design by KETI’s vacant staging services showcase your home after you’ve moved out, infusing it with the life and personality that attracts eager buyers.

Our well-planned interior designs make the most of available space, helping small rooms look larger and giant rooms feel cozy. Our staged homes feel well decorated, warm and inviting. Each custom design appeals to buyers’ emotions, helping them look beyond the blank walls to truly experience your home’s true potential.

We start by understanding who your most likely buyer would be, then we create an immersive design experience that appeals to their taste and needs. We take care of everything, from furniture to accessories and décor that invite visitors to linger. Once every item is perfectly in place, we’ll even bring in a professional photographer to enhance your MLS listing with gorgeous pictures and a virtual tour.

fireplace staging
vacant staging open concept