Vacant Staging

Buyers Buy Homes They Fall In Love With.  Vacant Staging is the missing link to selling a home fast and for a profit!

Buying a new home is purely an emotional decision. There is nothing logical, rational or financial about it!

After having staged so many vacant homes I am convinced that staging makes a home come alive; it gives a home it’s soul back and the personality it lacks. Don’t underestimate this point because staging your home, is what facilitates the emotional connection your buyer makes with it. No emotional connection, no offer.

A vacant staging consultation is the first step to getting a vacant home staged. During the consultation Keti will assess the layout of your home taking note also of the size of the rooms that will need to be staged as well as the fixed elements in your home, as they will drive the staging design details. In addition Keti will work on the ideal staging design blueprint focusing on furniture placement, flow, livability and functionality all of which are the key differentiators of staging a home with the end result in mind  – which is a fast and profitable sale – or just bringing furniture in.

Then a staging proposal and agreement will be submitted to you.

Once the proposed staging plan has been approved, the agreement signed by both parties and the retainer payment made, our team will immediately start working on your vacant staging project, and getting ready for installation day which is, pulling and packing all the furniture, accessories, artwork, soft goods, accessories, lamps, rugs needed to stage the home.

Turn around time on a vacant staging project is  a week to ten days based on the scope of the project.

Also because we believe that (1) each stage should be price point appropriate for the home we are staging, and because we believe that (2) each stage should also reflect the architectural details and esthetics of your home, if there are items that we know would work best in your home, because of the esthetics of your home, during this time we will also source any items needed so that your home is staged to perfection.

If you are ready to stage  your home now, then let’s get you started by booking a vacant staging consultation now.

You may go HERE to do so or if you would like to speak with one of our team members you may call (214) 814-5967