Remodeling + Renovations

Your Home Improved thru On-Trend Yet Classic And Timeless Renovations and Remodeling

If you are thinking of doing some remodeling or renovation work on your home right now, you fall under either of those categories:

a) you have decided to do the work so that you can enjoy your house for yourself either for now or for a long period of time.

When embarking on a renovation and remodeling project for you the very first question we would need to answer is if this is your forever home or your for now home. Your answer to this question will dictate all the design choices we make so that the end result is an on-trend and classic and timeless home yes, but also one that reflects your personality and lifestyle more accurately if the intent is to stay in your home for a long period of time.

b) you have decided to put your house on the market but you know, that it is pretty outdated, and in order for it to sell for a maximum profit, certain details and characteristics of your home need to be updated so that your home accurately reflects it’s value and is a product for which your ideal buyer will willingly pay top dollar.

We all know a can of paint can go long ways and that is true, but how about your flooring, kitchen splash and countertops, what about the master bathroom. And what about all the fixtures and hardware? When were they placed in the home? Are they still appealing to your target buyers or do we need to replace with something that is more on-trend and in line with what the buyers want.

Whether you’re remodeling your home  to enjoy for yourself or doing the make-ready and renovation work so that you get top dollar for it when it is time to sell, Keti and her team of subcontractors is here to help you get it all done in a very efficient, stress free and timely manner.


With an expert eye for undertones in fixed elements, color, texture, balance, symmetry, as well as invaluable knowledge of design trends in Real Estate, with Keti you are sure to add equity and maximize the return on the renovations and remodeling investment you are making in your home.

From minor updates and repairs such as painting walls/trim and replacing carpets, to painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets and changing backsplash, to complete turn key kitchen or bathroom remodels, to upgrades for any room, we help you build a solid foundation that makes the most of every  dollar put into your home.

Let us help you choose and implement the right baseline design so you can spend your money wisely and maximize the value of your home whether it is to sell for top dollar or enjoy it yourself for years to come.

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