Keti Abazi – Founder, Design and Real Estate Expert

“When life throws you a curve ball, don’t let it knock you down. Get up, re-adjust, brush yourself off and keep moving forward.”
-George Bronner

It was October of 2010 when I lost my position of Medical Practice Administrator because I refused to be guilty of willful blindness and close my eyes to all the insurance fraud that was taking place and that was mainly perpetrated by my boss, the managing partner. In addition a baseless and retaliatory lawsuit was filed against me by the same man.

Needless to say that was a very difficult time for me emotionally, spiritually and financially.  I lived my life sideways for almost two years, did odd jobs here and there but pretty much lived on my savings, until one day it all ran out.  Although I had a stellar resume and education (at that point I had 12 years of experience in corporate America and an MBA from Dallas Baptist University) – because of the lawsuit, I was pretty much perceived as un-employable.

It was during that time that I stopped looking without and I started looking within. I realized there are three things I am absolutely passionate about, and they are Devotion to my Lord Jesus/God, Dancing and Design. I figured the 1st D is between God and I. The second D, as much as I loved dancing, it was highly unlikely I would make it to the Cowboys cheer leading squad at the age of 39.

But the 3’rd D absolutely excited me.

I have always had an inclination towards beautiful, pleasing to the eye, feel-good aesthetics and I have always been a natural at it, ever since I was about five years old or so. My mom used to say, that I have the “Mida’s touch”. She would always brag about me, and how when I worked on something around our small modest home in Albania, it just looked and felt better when I did it.

There it was! In plain sight!

I had discovered my gift to the world. It had been there ALL Along! And it was Decorating and Design. I was psyched.

Borrowed $1,500 from my parents who live in Albania and after deciding on a name for my business and registering it with the state of Texas the first thing I did was to sign up for and attend a Home Staging certification course.

And so the journey of Design by KETI started  in May of 2012. I am so grateful and thankful for all the clients I have been able to serve, most of which I consider my friends.

As to the man who fired me. He is serving time on seventeen counts of insurance fraud.

Today Design by KETI, is the boutique luxury staging, renovations and design firm catering to busy professionals and savvy Real Estate sellers and dwellers in the Dallas – Forth Worth Metrolex!

Serving as a design and real estate expert I am grateful that I get to use my business acumen and my God given talent (baby I was born with it) to help my clients maximize their real estate profits using design, remodeling, renovations and home staging as a medium.

Not only have I had the opportunity to educate my sellers on the financial benefits of proper home staging, help them getting their home ready for the market and stage it to perfection…

but, I get ecstatic when I hear that the investment our clients make on repairs and renovations of their home prior to listing it, for the purpose of achieving  a high dollar per square footage listing price, as well as  proper staging yielded a buyer soon as it hit the market;

I get ecstatic when I hear that an offer was received on a property that we staged on the first day it was on the market and for thousands of dollars 0ver asking price;

Interested in what my team and I have to offer?

Design by KETI has become the exclusive go-to design expert of profitable, sellable Real Estate.

From doing all the make ready work, minor renovations and the necessary upgrades that we know will  add equity and yield high returns during the sale of your home, to price point, style and aesthetics appropriate staging, my company has become the one stop shop for all your remodeling, renovations and staging design needs.