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Did you know that Vacant Homes stay on the market twice as long as even poorly furnished homes; they just make a buyer feel …well… Empty. And if all the buyer feel is “empty” –  after they have toured your home  –  the last thing they would want to do is make an offer on it.

Don’t let that be the case with your home for sale.

By bringing in rental furniture and accessories we are able to create a warm and inviting atmosphere; one that will allow the buyer to linger on and mentally move in,  and not move on to the next house that’s for sale in your neighbourhood.

And the best part is: you won’t have to worry about coordinating all that, worrying about what furniture and accessories to pick, who the delivery guy is and how you have to take time off work to allow them into your home. We will do all that for you; and when we are all done beautifying your home, we will even bring in a professional photographer who will provide MLS compliant pictures and a virtual tour for your about-to-sell home.


The size of your property, how many areas you would like to see Staged as well as the anticipated list price are all determining factors of the Vacant Staging cost.

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