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 Staging Consultation is inexpensive – it’s quick, it’s money well spent. It can be verbal and hands on, or it can be written. In addition – so we can serve you better – for a small fee we also offer same day Staging consultations.

Do you fit one of the profiles below?

a-) You are the do-it-yourself seller who is itching to try something new;

b-) You are a Real Eatate Agent and want your next listing to be beautifully packaged (aka professionally Staged)  and you would rather not have to be the bad guy telling the sellers they need to de-clutter, de-personalize, q-tip clean the property, move this piece of furniture over there, pack that other one up, get rid of that doll collection and the baby pictures (…and the list goes on);


If the answer to any of the above questions  is “Yes”, than you may  call us today to find out more – (214) 814 – 5967