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When it comes to staging vacant homes, there is one question that we ask 100% of the time, for every project we take on.

And that question is: Will our staging add value to the sale of the home?


We will only proceed when the answer to that question is enthusiastically “YES”!


As trained professionals in the art of Home Staging, we take the time to profile the target buyer, select furniture and accessories that we know will have an emotional affect on the buyer, ensure that there is balance and symmetry in each room we stage, ensure the right scale of furniture and accessories are used, as well as determine if staging with less items will produce the desired results for you – our most valuable clients.

We are not the lowest price staging company. But we are the fastest growing and very highly sought after because we produce results. We do quality work, at a reasonable price. We are reliable, responsive and responsible.

Bottom line: Our Staging Sells Houses!

Most of the vacant homes we have staged have listed for $550,000 and above.  We have worked on some lower priced homes as well, and the outcome of our staging has been just as stellar.

Almost all Vacant Homes we have staged have sold within two weeks after staging  – most of them after two or three days – at or above the asking price.


The size of your property, how many areas are being Staged, quality and price point of the furnishings needed to stage the home, as well as the anticipated list price are all determining factors of the Vacant Staging cost.

Check out some of our Vacant Home Staging photos here…